Aweber Review

AWeber may be old but its legacy lives on. With a solid customer base of over 115,000 and an easy-to-use email marketing system, it is still the most preferred option for many business owners. Granted, other giants have taken over the market presently but AWeber still holds a special place in the hearts of many. In this AWeber review, we dig deep to investigate its practicability and relevance in email marketing today.

What exactly is AWeber?

AWeber is a software used by businessmen to automate the email sending process. It makes sending targeted messages to customers easy and manageable. The system even does a follow-up of the emails based on a specific schedule. Its popularity lies in the fact that it allows businessmen to establish great relationships with prospective clients through excellent communication.

AWeber’s drag-and-drop editor feature gives users the opportunity to create newsletters and campaigns based on a ton of HTML templates. It is also an effectively integrated system that blends well with other software such as Launch Effect, Cyfe, WordPress, Drupal, Unbounce, Raven, Magento and hundreds of others.


AWeber’s top features include the following:

1. Automation: Users can utilize the “if this, then that” logic to make the email marketing completely automated. AWeber can be set to apply a tag to a subscriber who clicks a link after which the tag can be used to make the decision of who should be sent which email and exactly when.

2. Data segmentation: AWeber allows users to perform data segmentation based on the information found on the database as well as user activity such as links clicked, emails opened, and the emails opened. This makes email targeting quite easy ultimately steering the entire marketing strategy in the right direction.

3. Effective email design: AWeber’s software is designed to automatically resize emails based on the specific device used by the user to open it—whether it’s a smartphone, tablet o desktop.

4. HTML email templates: AWeber features over 700 email newsletter templates that have a great mobile response.

5. Reporting: Users can easily monitor vital metrics of the performance of marketing campaigns. This includes bounce rates, open rates, the growth of the lists, click-through rates and sign up methods

Pricing plans

AWeber software pricing plans are based on a number of tools and features such as unlimited emails, email creation tools, autoresponders, simple automation, sign-up forms and deliverability of the industry grade. The typical pricing plan is as follows:

Plan Price per month ($)

Free trial 0
0-500 subscribers 19
501-2,500 subscribers 29
2,501-5,000 subscribers 49
5,0001 — 10,000 subscribers 69
10,0001 — 25,000 subscribers 49
Over 25,000 subscribers Ask for a quote


• Price: Compared to other marketing tools, AWeber is reasonably priced.

• Ease of use: AWeber is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

• Customer support: AWeber’scustomer support is hands-down one of the best in the industry. The customer support team is friendly and dedicated to helping users have a better experience with the software.

• It has a comprehensive email broadcast reporting.

• The system works seamlessly with other integrations like Zapier.

• AWeber now features a highly useful tag-based system.

• It has as an array of email and form templates.

• Effective: The software comes with powerful autoresponders that allow for easy and fast customer interaction and engagement.

• Campaigns: The campaign feature of AWeber is superior to that of its competitors. Users can utilize it for follow-ups and autoresponders and build personalized messages using the drag-and-drop feature.

• The multiple forms per list option are also very attractive. Users can add up to 10 contacts in one form, unlike its competitors which allow one form per list. This means you can have multiple content upgrades for your website where all the contacts go into one list.


• Outdated templates: This is perhaps AWeber’s greatest setback. The software has many otherwise useful templates but their outdated versions steer users away from the system. The good news is that you can easily create your own forms or use other third-party tools such as OptinMonster and Thrive Leads.

• Unnecessary costs: The software may be cheap as a whole but when you are charged for unsubscribers and duplicate subscribers, the alternative is always better. To avoid this, you have to work tirelessly to prune your lists of duplicates and unsubscribers which is annoying and time-consuming.

• Lagging automation: Compared to other email software tools, AWeber’s automation is somewhat lagging. You can only enter automation when a tag is applied or when an individual subscribes to a list.

• AWeber’s reporting for automation is quite limited.

• The A/B testing capabilities are non-existent.

Comparison with other alternatives

AWeber’s free trial makes it stand out against its competitors. However, if you looked at it keenly, it is actually more costly than Getresponse. If you have a list of between 500 and 1,000 subscribers, you can save $14 per month using Getresponse.

When it comes to efficiency and user-friendliness, other AWeber alternatives certainly have an upper hand. For instance, MailChimp comes with all AWeber features along with extra ones like social media plug-ins and file and image hosting. Getresponse also has certain features that are absent in AWeber. These include webinars, landing page creators, CRM functionality and superior marketing automation.

AWeber features better integration with other systems as opposed to other alternatives like Mailchimp and Getresponse. The number of integrations goes well above 400, which makes it a winner here.

Moosend boasts of a far much-advanced system compared to AWeber. Users and visitors alike can rest assured that they have records of everything while using Moosend. It has the ability to track and make a record of every single journey on the site. AWeber cannot perform this.


AWeber is no doubt a sensation in the world of email marketing. Its fantastic features, low cost, and a tremendous customer service make it an attractive option for many businessmen. The flipside, however, is the outdated templates, lagging automation and unnecessary costs. All in all, it is worth your consideration.

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