Getresponse Review

Getresponse is essentially an email marketing app that enables users to import a mailing list and host it. It can also be used to create newsletters, automate emails and view and analyze statistics.


• A/B Testing

While creating emails, A/B split testing can be conducted to determine the version of your email that will be received better by customers. Subject lines, content, day of the week and time of day can all be tested. Once it has been determined what subscribers respond to, the best-performing email will be sent out by GetResponse.

• Analytics and Reports

After emails are sent, you can use analytics to track how well it performed. You will be able to view clicks, rate, conversions, unsubscribes, social sharing statistics, bounce rate and emails opened by mobile customers and desktop email customers. Additionally, you will be able to compare outcomes for two email campaigns to discover which yielded better results. There is also the capability of installing a tracking code on your website to track sign-ups, website visits and sales or create an email campaign.

• Automation

The drag-and-drop automation tools make it easy to create workflows. These features can be used to remind customers items are left in their cart or to welcome new subscribers. Furthermore, workflows can be tested, tracked and tweaked to produce more successful marketing campaigns.


GetResponse allows you to build customer profiles and generate custom pipelines for sales. In the CRM, opportunities can also be spotted and all your leads tracked.

• Contact Management

The list management tools make it easy to manage your contact list. You will be able to create a list, add new contacts, import current contacts, track the growth of the lists and filter and segment contacts. You can also opt out of bounces and requests to keep lists problem free. GetResponse has a 99 percent deliverability rate.

• Email Creator

With the drag-and-drop editor, marketers of any skill level can create responsive emails. You can choose between HTML source editor and drag-and-drop email editor. If the drag-and-drop editor is chosen, you will be directed through every step to make sure nothing is missed like the creation of a memorable subject line. You could begin with one of the templates or formulate your own email from scratch. Additionally, your email can be previewed to know how customers will view it on both desktop and mobile devices.

• Email Templates

With over 500 newsletter templates, finding one that fits your business is easy. There are many areas in which templates are available; these include online coaching, fitness and wellness, retail and e-commerce, travel, creative agencies, health and beauty, automotive and education.

• Forms and Surveys

GetResponse has other templates and forms that can be leveraged for your business. These include order forms, newsletter sign-ups, event sign-up, free download, blank forms and seasonal forms. Additionally, A/B testing is available for forms and custom fields can be added to create comprehensive user profiles. You can use web forms to incorporate WordPress, WooCommerce, Facebook, Joomla, PrestaShop and other such applications. For no extra money, surveys can be used with your brand logo to produce a survey with as many as 50 pages. You can use multiple-question formats, make surveys available on your website or send them in a newsletter. Once completed, the data is collected and analyzed by GetResponse.

Pricing and Terms

GetResponse offers 4 packages and below is a breakdown of each:

• Email

Email is priced the lowest and is aimed at individuals new to email marketing. The plan includes marketing automation tools and email marketing. For a starting price of $15 month-to-month, you will get 1000 contacts; pay $25 per month to get 2500 contacts.
• Pro

In addition to the Email plan features, Pro provides advanced landing pages, boosted marketing automation features like web event tracking and abandoned cart. It also provides a free email marketing certification and webinars can be conducted with your target audience. For a starting price of $49 per month, you will get 5000 contacts. Pro was designed for small businesses and growth-focused marketers.

• Max

For $165 per month, Max will deliver 10,000 contacts and it is aimed at marketing pros who have advanced needs. The plan includes all of the Pro features together with campaign consulting, additional marketing automation tools and the capacity to facilitate webinars with as many as 500 participants. Additionally, 5 individuals can access the program. You also get 1.5 hours per month of professional consultation for email marketing strategies.

• Enterprise

The package does not provide a free trial and it is aimed at businesses seeking high-performance, scalable solutions. The starting price for Enterprise is $1,199 monthly and it is designed for businesses that have over 100,000 contacts. Besides the Max subscription features, you get an account manager, deliverability consulting, a dedicated IP address and infrastructure and the platform can be accessed by 10 users. You will be advised by Account Managers on ways to advance deliverability. You will also be provided with day-to-day support so maximum value can be received out of all email campaigns.

Pros and Cons


• After signing up for GetResponse and your account have been confirmed, you will be greeted by a welcome screen that gives you a tour of the dashboard. The buttons and features are explained during the tour. You also have the option of signing up for a webinar and scheduling a free consultation with GetReponse after opening your account.

• GetResponse has easy-to-use tools and its automation tools and the email editor is drag-and-drop.


• Although the tools are relatively easy to use, they are not as easy as some of the other programs. It could take a little longer to get used to the editor. For example, the drag-and-drop email creator is not as easy to use as tools from other platforms. It is slow to make changes and load, which can be annoying when you want to quickly create and disseminate emails.

• There are complaints among users in Getresponse review that emails sent to Gmail accounts ended up in the Spam folder.

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